Royal Family
Royal Family
Royal Family
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12 hours ago
Kiani K
Kiani K 31 minute ago
Charlotte Charles
Charlotte Charles 3 hours ago
You are such a joke nobody ask you or beg you to eat African food. Why don't you stop making mockery of yourselves
Naa Shika
Naa Shika 5 hours ago
You can eat the egusi with boiled rice (plain), potatoes (not mashed), fried plantain, etc. In Ghana, it's called egusi STEW and we don't eat it with fufu.
Lux Boua
Lux Boua 7 hours ago
From Legend sleep on the chair to CJ killing kids dreams of the Easter bunny lol, this vlog was entertaining
Ginger Clark
Ginger Clark 7 hours ago
Summer Addison
Summer Addison 8 hours ago
Very pretty and very nice 🥰👌😎
Denise Hawkins
Denise Hawkins 10 hours ago
Couldn't take you to a restaurant
MONEYWAY TV 10 hours ago
Iman “bunny lemme see it” 😂😂😂😂 definitely faded
BB &W 10 hours ago
The part when she said, my legs Clarence and I was both laughing
Royal Trevion
Royal Trevion 11 hours ago
8:30 Junie was singing LTM then Cj turned around😭
Young_ayr Young_ayr
Young_ayr Young_ayr 11 hours ago
Yo clarence got me dead😂😂😂😂 it's just a sagittarius thing😂😂😂
Jaz Shane
Jaz Shane 11 hours ago
LMFAOO Legend wanted to bring the bunny home 😂🤣
Nathalie Vargas
Nathalie Vargas 11 hours ago
Legend rlly just be doing whatever he feel like doing🤣🤣
Gutta Baby
Gutta Baby 12 hours ago
Clarence so bitter and up tight lmao have some fun you don’t have to be a kid to have fun at a park and SHE CAN WAKE HER BABY IF SHE WANTS TO
Lashonda Anderson
Lashonda Anderson 12 hours ago
Queen y’all definitely needs to started blog junior and Cj .
Aright Lofton-Cheaves Jr
They had all the ATL peeps there Kandi and her son Ace, Rasheeda. Alright now!
Aisha Kiara
Aisha Kiara 12 hours ago
The Easter Bunny always scared tf out of me as a kid. I have recurring nightmares of being chased by the Easter Bunny to this day😂😂 I'm 33
Aright Lofton-Cheaves Jr
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS for the on-site rapid COVID tests! Teyana don’t play!
Donna 13 hours ago
Junie is so beautiful !!😍
gabi.ssamuel 13 hours ago
Denique James
Denique James 14 hours ago
Lookin more whiter than usual queen wth 😂
Solegamecr8zy 14 hours ago
Queen came so far, I love to see it ❤️...a video full of 🐐s ‼️💪🏽🔥
laila wilson
laila wilson 14 hours ago
"what's that trigonometry, nahh thats geometry"
Dee Thomas
Dee Thomas 14 hours ago
Love this!!!! Love all your kids can play. Junie is soooo funny. She has her own grown personality.
BeyondBeauty20 14 hours ago
Christ did not rise on Easter Sunday. That is a made up pagan holiday 🤦🏾‍♀️
Rea Pitsoane
Rea Pitsoane 15 hours ago
It’s legend and the bunny for me 🤣💜
Kaitlyn Chavarria
Kaitlyn Chavarria 16 hours ago
Good vibes love your family queen 😍😍😍
Jordan Byrne
Jordan Byrne 16 hours ago
Where u get your hats from Clarence?
keyndall Whitney
keyndall Whitney 16 hours ago
Yes i want the red hotel video it would be nice but do you guys have like a place where you met ?
Nichole Queen
Nichole Queen 17 hours ago
Beautiful this made me happy.
Infinite Bliss
Infinite Bliss 17 hours ago
Ended the vlog outta nowhere again 🥲
Stephanie Osorio
Stephanie Osorio 17 hours ago
nah why Legend Bronx side can out on the bunny lmaooooo I was screaming. Junie too cute and Cj all the kids so New York love it
Noont ‘
Noont ‘ 18 hours ago
“nigga where you going with kennedy??” 😭😭🤣 facts like come on kid
Rae Allen
Rae Allen 18 hours ago
Or even like a African black eyed pea soup you eat with bread or rice #fire
Rae Allen
Rae Allen 18 hours ago
Ya'll they probably ain't doing it right up there my homegirl use to make me cassava leaf stew in college with rice on the bottom and it was sooo good.
Kaiii R
Kaiii R 18 hours ago
not them jumping cj & queen and clarence watching lmaooo
Cort Luv
Cort Luv 18 hours ago
Queen telling CJ to “play it safe” LOL He knew that dance battle would’ve gotten real! 🤣🤣🤣 He didn’t want to jeopardize his & Junie’s friendship LOL so he let her have it 💃🏽🕺🏽
Destiny Marie
Destiny Marie 19 hours ago
This vlog was too cute 🥰
Cort Luv
Cort Luv 19 hours ago
Queen got Clarence f’d up 😩😩🤣🤣🤣🤣 9:40 fumbling with his words and the towel! His high was completely blown 🤣🤣🤣😩😩😩
Mike5 19 hours ago
At 8:53 my son legend say "sheeesh"
Donna X Thompson
Donna X Thompson 19 hours ago
Legend said please let him enjoy his fruit.
Tyra Wiley
Tyra Wiley 19 hours ago
Junie and CJ gonna be those celebrity kids that date Lol I love it.
Cayla Castle
Cayla Castle 19 hours ago
CJ said don’t play me MOMM🤣
Ashante Gibson
Ashante Gibson 20 hours ago
Legend is mad smart in my Clarence voice no frl tho he is really smart
theyadorexfendii 1
theyadorexfendii 1 20 hours ago
y’all gotta get legend his own easter bunny 😂
OnlyForTheCouples 20 hours ago
Love to see the kids play! And queen so gorgeous
Quayla Vlogs & pranks & challenges
Cj is really cute
Djay Blacks
Djay Blacks 20 hours ago
Bro that butterfly was high asl💀
Ruth Durham
Ruth Durham 21 hour ago
So sweet 😍💖💓
Mel N Jay
Mel N Jay 21 hour ago
Legends' little sleepy face while rubbing his ear kills me!😩🤗😍🥰
Favour U.
Favour U. 21 hour ago
it also depends on who makes the food bc nigerian food is not easy to cook 😭
Faye Hobley
Faye Hobley 21 hour ago
Legend and CJ sharp
Malachi Harris
Malachi Harris 21 hour ago
Queen ninja you are a very beautiful girl I love your mom and everybody but I have one problem could you please show change more you always making your videos about only legend be fair with both your kids you are a good mother of two boys Chris will grow up feeling a type of way don’t do this cause you with legend father
Chaianne Jones
Chaianne Jones 7 hours ago
This doesnt make sense. And any normal adult sees it how it is. Cj is 6... he do his own thing... she should have been following him around? Lol like thats not normal. Legend is 2... lol still very dependent on his mom
James Joe
James Joe 21 hour ago
Whattt they barely post legend cause he don’t like the camera one video out of how many and now you have an issue and as she said if he ask when he’s older she will tell him the truth don’t try to make her feel guilty for leaving an abusive situation
Malachi Harris
Malachi Harris 21 hour ago
Please take heed to this before it’s to late
flower boy
flower boy 21 hour ago
did anyone peep how (the editor) said moms on the who's cooking is better question ?🤣🤣
Kel & Clif
Kel & Clif 21 hour ago
I think the kids should definitely take the rooms that have the shared bathroom. This way they could each have their own room and then share the bathroom. Why would you make them share a room with all the space?
siobhan james
siobhan james 22 hours ago
“The senegalese?” ... Waitress “We nah av dat”
AmberJayyy 22 hours ago
Amazing ppl😍
Trinity Hillman
Trinity Hillman 22 hours ago
Clarence is a hater like queen and mod having fun and Clarence have fun
KeKilla Vibez
KeKilla Vibez 22 hours ago
12:34 😩😩😩 melted my heart 💯 legend was all for it his little hoorays took me out 🥰🥰🥰 cuteness overload
She GotBands
She GotBands 22 hours ago
I think I have a girl crush on Queen....I always smile when I see her omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brezzy Way
Brezzy Way 23 hours ago
Can’t fool cj he’s like that ain’t no real bunny 😂 i love that y’all matching 😍 family coordination Teyanna is so dope 🔥 Junie getting all big. 😍 Queens energy is always a vibe 😍 Ctfu at the rap battle 😭 Junie is so cute 🥰 legend loves that bunny lol Did she get stung by a bee? I’m ctfu 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 how your ok babe 😭 not cj getting jumped 😂😭 glad y’all had a good Easter Sunday 🤗
Paris Mykyla
Paris Mykyla Day ago
I was like why do they keep mentioning a teyona then I seen junior and didn’t realize it 😂
JD & JESS Day ago
Ya done messed up that butterfly 🤦🏽‍♂️ Butterflies cannot fly again once you touch they wings.
Jilary Santiago
She said “na thats a real bunny”! Cj is too funny too!!
Lachelle Arnold
Queen said alright play it safe 🤣
Real Og
Real Og Day ago
CJ hella funny! “Should I just run off” 😂
niyvoTV Day ago
I died when clearance said “I think CJ got sum kinda beef”💀
niyvoTV Day ago
Classic black folk chatter in the background neva fails🤣✊🏽
This video is amazing ♥🥰😍
niyvoTV Day ago
Can’t hate queen she a big kid🖤 and a DAMN good mama
Rufaro Chabedi
Queen easily connects with children, that is why she is a good mother.
janiah Day ago
Not cj and junie bein grown alreadyyy lawd they was just babies I cant take it
janiah Day ago
Tey and iman show need to come back bro they are a ki
Ky Johnson Glam
Nahhhh you should have caught when Iman and Clarence was roasting the bunny 😂😂😂😂
Lennajanae Day ago
They really are like real life celebrities now. It’s crazy every time they hang with other celebrities cause I be like dang they really made it🥺 I be so proud
Selina Ikoni
Selina Ikoni Day ago
"Yeah... No Barbies for you, CJ". 🤣🤣🤣
Joyful JB
Joyful JB Day ago
Clarence has to dress up as the Easter bunny for Legend next bday! Legend joy in this video is so cute!!
Hey Miki
Hey Miki Day ago
Legend ran off like he came there ALONE🤣🤣
Lanaa Stackitup
Bro clar be sayin tha dumbest shi “ ay I think that butterfly handicap “ 😂😂
Susan Empire
Susan Empire Day ago
My son is a replica of legend acts just like him too