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Queen's Instagram: queennaija
Queen's Twitter: queennaija/
Queen's SnapChat: Queennaija

Clarence's Instagram: clarencenyc
Clarence's Twitter: clarencenyc/
Clarence's SnapChat: Clarencenyc

CJ's Instagram: official_chrisj

Legend's Instagram: iamlegendwhite

Business inquires: info@spicymanagement.com


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Dec 7, 2020




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Amayah Sullins
Amayah Sullins 18 days ago
😭😭when he ate the powder
La'Trail Monea
La'Trail Monea Month ago
When Legend name is on paperwork and its last name first his name is literally White, Legend.... not like it matters or nothing it was just a random thought 😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
YourOnly Favorite
This niqqa ate his own prank baby powder
B1k C
B1k C Month ago
Did Clare call Legend a girl around 5:15? Haha! His lil proud moment was hella cute 🥰❤️
Ramiya Unique
Ramiya Unique 2 months ago
clarence: “i wasn’t that smart at his age, you could ask my mom” A FEW MOMENTS LATER nobody: Clarence: (licks finger), (proceeds to cough)”i forgot the was powder that shii look good asl on my fingers” me:☠️😂!!
Kristina Rogers
Kristina Rogers 2 months ago
Comfy Bluebxrry
Comfy Bluebxrry 2 months ago
I was waiting for Clarence to show Queen the rest of the donuts
Kyan Shields
Kyan Shields 2 months ago
I can’t hear
Jailah Bryel
Jailah Bryel 2 months ago
Jesus is coming soon, repent, get saved, and follow God’s will
Alexis 2 months ago
clar is such a good father 🥺
STICKS R_US 2 months ago
Cj caught on he said I hope it’s not baby powder 😂😂
Ailicia Miachelle
Ailicia Miachelle 2 months ago
CJ remembers when Queen did this prank on Chris. If you been here since the Red Couch, you know.
DesTheBest ‘
DesTheBest ‘ 2 months ago
Then he ate it again LMAOOO😭😭
DesTheBest ‘
DesTheBest ‘ 2 months ago
Lmaooo I love how Clare licked his finger. Mans pranked hisself 🥲😂😭
Kiersten Manning
Kiersten Manning 2 months ago
Stop coughing or I’m calling a doctor
tylyiah hart
tylyiah hart 2 months ago
Clarence had a “my first night as a hitman” moment😂😂
Life With Mesha
Life With Mesha 2 months ago
Is it baby powder 😂😂😂😂
Life With Mesha
Life With Mesha 2 months ago
CJ is so smart
Pretty Unique
Pretty Unique 2 months ago
CJ is so smart he aint want no parts "I changed my mind" lol 😂😂
Roxanna Schulien
Roxanna Schulien 3 months ago
When Clarence was telling legend he loves him and hope he never disappoints him. I never had my father in my life and that right there hearing that was beautiful take care of him and love him unconditionally. ❤️
Taneka Bates
Taneka Bates 3 months ago
Yo swear I thought u was like 25
Sade Haughton
Sade Haughton 3 months ago
“That’s a big piece! I already had 5 donuts!” 🤣
tineeka williams
tineeka williams 3 months ago
CJ so smart 😂😂😂
Ruji 7
Ruji 7 3 months ago
I just live CJ. He is so thoughtful. I could tell that when he saw his mom kind of disappointed about the doughnut he was like never mind mom I change my mind
Ruji 7
Ruji 7 3 months ago
Not me being 30...now I’m feeling old 👵🏿😶
Dee Foust
Dee Foust 3 months ago
lol im dead u and happy birthday
Kim Myers
Kim Myers 3 months ago
You need to saturate it powdered Donuts be covered in powder that looked sprinkled lol nice try though team Queen
Megan Sanchez
Megan Sanchez 3 months ago
So sweet how he loves his son so much!!!! Your setting such a great example !!
Abigail Campbell
Abigail Campbell 3 months ago
I hope it’s not baby powder lol
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
Goaf k ofaj
sophia swinney
sophia swinney 3 months ago
A hug sd as sjg
Mami Mamie
Mami Mamie 3 months ago
cj is so cute
Marina Morales
Marina Morales 3 months ago
ommgg cj all laughing 😩😂
Badboidre 3 months ago
Queen that body is fab
Miss Pink rose
Miss Pink rose 3 months ago
U get more congested. At night I do also it’s annoying and I spoke yo new car into existence u was like we ain’t got two cars yet now ya do 🏌🏻‍♀️
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams 3 months ago
The man Cj knew what was up 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Bre Thomas
Bre Thomas 3 months ago
Lol “ how was the mall “ Clarence trying to be slick 😂😂
Royalty_Killz 3 months ago
clare took one for the time and ate a piece 😂😂😂😂
Shawnii Echo
Shawnii Echo 3 months ago
You forgot to fill in The endslate
never you mind
never you mind 3 months ago
Queen is totally different when she doesn’t know that she’s on camera🤔
Suleivy Soriano
Suleivy Soriano 3 months ago
No she’s not
prodbyoasis 3 months ago
The fact that he did this to prank Queen but had to eat it himself😂😂😂😂
Josephine_97 3 months ago
Anna Fernandez
Anna Fernandez 3 months ago
I just knew Clarence was gonna taste it 😂
Rayshawn Black
Rayshawn Black 3 months ago
Danm he got expose by his son😭
ThewildFamily TWF
ThewildFamily TWF 3 months ago
Clarence would be the type to poison somebody drink then taste it before like why would you lick your fingers afterwards 😂😂😂😂
raquel m
raquel m 4 months ago
Yo! She quick wit it- data right sis🤣😂😂😂 #EATitden 🍩
Pyt. Layla
Pyt. Layla 4 months ago
not clare forgetting its a prank himself
IlliplayzFNシ 4 months ago
When Clarence said “I love you son I hope I never disappoint you” I felt det 🥺💕
Alexis &nate_
Alexis &nate_ 4 months ago
Do you know jhonson baby powder cause cancer
destynul10 4 months ago
This isn’t a win for Clarence.. he ending up putting the baby powder in his mouth lol
Adanna Green
Adanna Green 4 months ago
You should show legend how to eat with the spoon , like scoop it with him so he knows what it do
Adanna Green
Adanna Green 4 months ago
😭😭he’s so cute he said du uh you for double-u
Tranea Bakare
Tranea Bakare 4 months ago
the way i lust screamed when Queen took a bite lol
Sister Beverly
Sister Beverly 4 months ago
LEGEND IS SOOOOOO SMART! Thats right baby say those letters big shinky man!! The "w" is so cute!
Jah Tillah
Jah Tillah 4 months ago
Growing up in a family with youtubers Cj: it’s probably baby powder He smart
Faith Williams
Faith Williams 4 months ago
Cj is smart lol saying is baby powder
Kayla Patrick
Kayla Patrick 4 months ago
Honestly it it wasn't that brand of powder I would eat the donut regardless lol powder taste good but not good for you
Charity Gonzales
Charity Gonzales 4 months ago
He said “it’s a BIG PIECE I already had 5 donuts😂😂
Ayanna Pleasant
Ayanna Pleasant 4 months ago
hi that's a good prank
Hema Briglall
Hema Briglall 4 months ago
😂😂”that’s a big piece I already had like 5 donuts “ mannnnn
Official Cam
Official Cam 4 months ago
Don’t you got an corvette corvette
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 4 months ago
When Clarence was running like he in a horror movie 🤣they’re so funny
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 4 months ago
Hearing Legend talk is for some reason blowing my mind😭😭😭he doesn’t really talk that much. I barely know how he sounds
Lena Nation
Lena Nation 4 months ago
Bro how did clearance not laugh when Christmas said it’s baby powder😂😂
Ayela Salien
Ayela Salien 4 months ago
With legend with his mucus I would say limit how much dairy he has dairy causes so much mucus, try feeding him some heathy things
Gelato Banks
Gelato Banks 4 months ago
Cj intuition on fleek !
Zakyia Grant
Zakyia Grant 4 months ago
They intro gives me Disney channel vibes🥰😂
YooSnag- 4 months ago
we not going to talk about how legend fell at the end lmfaooooo
blkchina Doll
blkchina Doll 4 months ago
Legend fake eating with the spoon 🤣🤣so cute.
Filming with Shaylan
The way he says w 😹😹
D'Angela Smith
D'Angela Smith 4 months ago
Y’all know this prank has been going around because even CJ called out on it lmao had me dead 😂
K G 4 months ago
One of ya'll should buy a spy camera and do a prank cause its 3asy to find a camera and know a pranks when you always look for one
K G 4 months ago
I can imagine growing up in a house full of pranks id do pranks for days
JealousBeans 4 months ago
why did i laugh so hard when he mentioned the powder on his fingers 😂😂😂
Lia Mellissa
Lia Mellissa 4 months ago
Freaking Cj 😂
Paige Robinson
Paige Robinson 4 months ago
legend is so smart he was saying them letters with no problem at all ❤️
Nana A
Nana A 4 months ago
When he tasted the powder 😂😂😭 why is that something my ass would do 😂😩
Crystal 4 months ago
Keisha Mays
Keisha Mays 4 months ago
I couldn’t hear nothing
Tee's Life
Tee's Life 4 months ago
Man how Cj knew
makela davis
makela davis 4 months ago
Should’ve used BAKING POWDER✔️
That Baby Kay.
That Baby Kay. 4 months ago
Just asking 😭 but doesn’t Johnson’s baby powder have a case ? Because their baby powder causes cancer?
Latina Allen
Latina Allen 4 months ago
This was a banger keep coming
Brooklyn NYC
Brooklyn NYC 4 months ago
#TeamCJ cuz he said “ IS THAT BABY POWDER”... CJ was already hip🤪🙃🤣🤣🤣🤣
Thelivingproof Thelivingproof
Aww CJ so cute
J Fiegan
J Fiegan 4 months ago
Ik smelt the baby powder. Whole set up
diminique page
diminique page 4 months ago
I hope I never disappoint you” YOU A GREAT MAN CLER
Allure Goddess
Allure Goddess 4 months ago
Clanaya Williams
Clanaya Williams 4 months ago
Yo cj too damn smart 😭😭😭
Day'Ja 4 months ago
Clarence: “ I love you son. I love you so much. You know that? I hope I never disappoints you. I hope I always remain your superhero “ Me: 🥺🥺🥺🥺 IM BAWLING
Nikita Bicar Deere
Nikita Bicar Deere 4 months ago
Does he have the virus
q 4 months ago
surely she would smell it
Lailah Wickliffe
Lailah Wickliffe 4 months ago
You pranked yourself before you could prank her 🤣🤣🤣
Ah’Janae’ Newsome
“Yo that’s a BIG PIECE I already had 5 donuts” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Black Love0814
Black Love0814 4 months ago
Legend Might Be a Lefty 😊@5:40
Ra'Tavia Osborne
Ra'Tavia Osborne 4 months ago
i been knowing queen for soooooo long im a og watched her grow
Ra'Tavia Osborne
Ra'Tavia Osborne 4 months ago
who been here since they first video