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Queen's Instagram: queennaija
Queen's Twitter: queennaija/
Queen's SnapChat: Queennaija

Clarence's Instagram: clarencenyc
Clarence's Twitter: clarencenyc/
Clarence's SnapChat: Clarencenyc

CJ's Instagram: official_chrisj

Legend's Instagram: iamlegendwhite

Business inquires: info@spicymanagement.com


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Mar 13, 2021




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Rockyana Mccoy
Rockyana Mccoy 3 days ago
Did yall hear that huh sounds familiar 🤔 👀 😆
Elise Jones Mayo
Elise Jones Mayo 3 days ago
Queen, you are an awesome mom and you stay on your grind.
Honesty Parks
Honesty Parks 3 days ago
“look at the back if the cereal box like i did when i was younger”😂😂😂 screaming
Queen and K gang
Queen and K gang 4 days ago
nobody: Cj: hey😏
Jess Yd
Jess Yd 4 days ago
2:30🤣🤣 cj’s face! 😭😭😭😭
Channie B
Channie B 5 days ago
The children are to handsome kids.
llNFLll plays
llNFLll plays 6 days ago
i forget that legend is her son he looks so much like his dad
Shania S .
Shania S . 7 days ago
Agreed! It's never too late to stop having kids out of wedlock. Why is it easier for people to have kids all over the place but won't commit to God with marriage?
Regine k.
Regine k. 8 days ago
I still look at the back of the box, and the sides and front too, LOL.
urfav_ altkidz
urfav_ altkidz 8 days ago
Do you copy the other royalty family
Prinxess B
Prinxess B 8 days ago
Cj “Hey😏 Hey😏 Hey🥴”. I can they too cute✨😭😭😭
Jocelyn Elmore
Jocelyn Elmore 8 days ago
Play pits deodorant is great! natural & black owned and it lasts long. They have it for women, men, and kids too!
Jenny Jenny
Jenny Jenny 9 days ago
Queen never changed I love her man she said she’s going to paint Clare toenails while he’s sleeping lol
Lynn Siers
Lynn Siers 9 days ago
Second Time I heard queen say hujungas
Lynn Siers
Lynn Siers 9 days ago
Legend is starting to look more like a mix between both of his parents before that was just all clearance I didn’t see queen or anybody but Clarence‘s little miniature face I’m starting to see legend to look more favoring to CJ who is his mamas twin and just seeing their face mature and growing up is so fun and amazing absolutely two beautiful boys imagine how gorgeous their daughter would be I really really hope they they do have their second child it’s a girl
Bianca Reid
Bianca Reid 11 days ago
cmon like wipe legend nose
kerwin Stallworth II
Cj : I don’t see nun on this box”me :😂😂😂🤣 I can’t breathe
Alexis Morales
Alexis Morales 11 days ago
Queen you’re so real ! I appreciate that about you . Love you gurl ❤️❤️
Ayana Mone
Ayana Mone 11 days ago
Have just one daughter then we set 😭 I wanna see a baby Queen
Monika Cookie
Monika Cookie 12 days ago
I think Queen she get her own room. It can be her space for make up, beauty, & somewhere for her to wine down after a hard day! 💕💕
Kellis Channel
Kellis Channel 12 days ago
I have a newborn and it’s been really hard adjusting... it’s so refreshing to see such a great mom such as Queen... this gives me hope! 🥰🥰🥰
GAY GIBBY Tv 12 days ago
I swear i be cracking up rollin in the first 2 minutes. i love the fact that CJ was in his flash costume so early 😭😭
Shalena Carter
Shalena Carter 12 days ago
Lenged Sneaks to get Down stairs
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 12 days ago
Damn cj ashy asf😂😂
Kaitlyn Harris
Kaitlyn Harris 13 days ago
“ look at thiiiissssss” so cute
Amaya T
Amaya T 13 days ago
I know you had a idea but the thing that I think that would suit there room is a super hero theme or like a safari theme idk
All About Philane
All About Philane 13 days ago
i love themmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mahogany sweets
mahogany sweets 14 days ago
Make that room that he already put shoes in a his and hers closet with shelves, vanity, mirrors, glass top cases for jewelry etc. Like I can imagine it now with cherry wood, lights, etc. Look at walk in closets and get inspiration to design that room into one! You can even make a corner for a makeup and hair station
GreenBlossom 209
GreenBlossom 209 14 days ago
you should try the secret aluminum-free deodorants. they work so well on me personally, and it dries like powder so it doesn't stay wet. It lasts long on me. they have different scents even a cucumber one, I know you like that scent.
Ky 15 days ago
THIS IS YOUR RENT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silmi Soleni
Silmi Soleni 15 days ago
Sounds like Legend needs a steam bath with Vicks
Maia Lanay
Maia Lanay 15 days ago
Nariah. Hall41
Nariah. Hall41 16 days ago
@22:53 lmao im so fuckin weak same lmao
Relyt Goddess
Relyt Goddess 16 days ago
I love that you teaching cj about imagining its small but its vital.
Jesselyn Montano
Jesselyn Montano 17 days ago
Use "Native" or "Tom's" it's awesome!!! You can get it at Target or Amazon. You won't regret it!! Switch your toothpastes too!
Selena Buehler
Selena Buehler 17 days ago
Uups how deep was the “I can't imagine“ or is it just me?
Unity Widlund
Unity Widlund 18 days ago
“It’s 8 in the morning and he got on a flash suit“😭💀😭💀
lola cruz
lola cruz 18 days ago
Be careful with fabric stain it can cause allergies and skin problems just buy a new one
lola cruz
lola cruz 18 days ago
Well it’s all good it’ll come together y’all are very smart I’m 40 and at y’all and when I was your age I didnt have it together as you do Queen you know how to take your kids yo house yo personal business! Get it!!!!
BouieCreations 19 days ago
I loved this vlog just them being parents love it
Watching Trinn
Watching Trinn 20 days ago
When using natural deodorants you have to like transition and get your body use to it so u might have to apply it more often also ulta has an under arm detox to help your transition
Lauren Nicolé
Lauren Nicolé 21 day ago
with the room with the shoes in it make it a wardrobe room for like shows and photoshoots and stuff
Latray Ellis
Latray Ellis 21 day ago
This is the most famous normal family in the world
April Henderson
April Henderson 18 days ago
I swear💜💜💜
theyadorexfendii 1
LEGENDARY ZAY 22 days ago
God is great!!
Morgan Donaldson
Morgan Donaldson 22 days ago
Cj hit the wall 🤣🤣🤣
Princess Kay
Princess Kay 22 days ago
Clarence get some led lights for your game room
JAYYY.4L 22 days ago
20:16 I can’t with legend😭😂😂
myia townsel
myia townsel 22 days ago
Family is love and blessed and never stressed & I love to see it beginning apart of the royal family is lit ❤️
Celine Jaghoo
Celine Jaghoo 22 days ago
Legend “byeeeeeeeeeeeee” 😅😅😅 so cute 🥰🥰🥰
Ta'jee Presswood
Ta'jee Presswood 23 days ago
They shouldn’t be sharing a room with that much space in the house. But blessings for your new crib
Neesha Mayo
Neesha Mayo 23 days ago
Native deodorant
Neesha Mayo
Neesha Mayo 23 days ago
Chloe Wallace
Chloe Wallace 23 days ago
Elaine Lopez
Elaine Lopez 24 days ago
Lmao legend so cutee aww he remind me of my son
Elaine Lopez
Elaine Lopez 24 days ago
Aww cj is so big now
Shakita Robinson
Shakita Robinson 24 days ago
Shut fock
IR .C Vibez
IR .C Vibez 24 days ago
Omg!! I couldn’t hold my laugh in anymore when clearance said ‘yeah I know mommy is mean to me too’ 😂😂😂
Spencer Cotton
Spencer Cotton 24 days ago
Legend is so cute he is my fav, Cj is getting so big.
La'Asia Aikens
La'Asia Aikens 24 days ago
Use Native, it’s expensive but it’s worth it and last a little longer then the usual deodorant
JA’LEE. LANIER 25 days ago
Chicago hey hey hey 😭
Donnaa Mariee
Donnaa Mariee 25 days ago
I use that same degree deodorant I like it...
Taliyah Slaughter
Taliyah Slaughter 25 days ago
Queen you definitely a good mama ... I loved how CJ listened to you talk about the cereal box then he asked for it I just thought that was so cuteee❤️
Tracey 25 days ago
The dove spray on deodorant is bomb HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Danyelle Davis
Danyelle Davis 26 days ago
Legend is a whole CHARACTER 😭😭😭
Shanecia Gaulden
Shanecia Gaulden 26 days ago
Cj got them hands
Diamond Lynn
Diamond Lynn 26 days ago
Or just give me the couch 👍🏻👍🏻 I need thattt
India Smith
India Smith 26 days ago
I stopped using deodorant I only use lemon. It’s kills odor causing bacteria. The best decision I’ve made. And I use it every other day because the acid can irritate the skin. But it’s the best, no smell at all even when you you’re super sweaty
Pamela W
Pamela W 26 days ago
Beautiful family!!! Y’all look so happy, and the kids are smart and hilarious!
powerful cat of white jungle
2:47 when i tell you i laughed for 10 minutes straight
Niesha Wade
Niesha Wade 27 days ago
CJ and Legend are too cute. CJ be having me cracking up, he has so much personality, I love it!
Vibing With Nay
Vibing With Nay 27 days ago
Queen stays herself and haven't changed period ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Vibing With Nay
Vibing With Nay 27 days ago
Cj is to funny he gone be a youtuber when he get older😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Chantell Ebony
Chantell Ebony 27 days ago
HOLLERING @ bust they guns.
Kaay Castillo
Kaay Castillo 28 days ago
I feel like legend is very quiet and doesn’t talk or babble like a toddler should be doing
James Joe
James Joe 27 days ago
On camera he stops when he see it he was talking in this video
causha mitchell
causha mitchell 28 days ago
Queen u should definitely put a floating chair somewhere...either in the chill area with your beanbags or something 😍 stay Dope 💪🏾💯
Ker Loz
Ker Loz 28 days ago
The safe modem orly ruin because budget phenomenologically love as a ill game. unkempt, spotted coin
Shea Ling
Shea Ling 28 days ago
Lol! Love this! I told my son the same thing about looking at the back of the cereal box! These kids now and days have it made! 😩
fallback B
fallback B 28 days ago
Cj 🥰so cute Legend is his father 👨 ❤ 💙 💗 💖 💓
Chealey Love
Chealey Love 28 days ago
Legend and CJ are so adorable and smart.
Stephanie Solomon
Stephanie Solomon 28 days ago
I definitely read the back of the cereal box lol
RAGGE TV 29 days ago
My kids drive me crazy too! 🤣😂🤣
Mariah Francis
Mariah Francis 29 days ago
Maybe try washing legends hair 2 times a week instead of daily
Tracey Joseph
Tracey Joseph 29 days ago
Boogers and Bananas lol
Kayla Brenda
Kayla Brenda 29 days ago
“ this kid is TWENTY-seven “ 😂😂😂
Maddie Penn
Maddie Penn 29 days ago
native deodorant is a good organic one!
Marca Martin
Marca Martin 29 days ago
Not her trynna force her kids to sleep half the day and get mad cause they up and hungry 🤦🏼‍♀️ be a mom
Chaianne Jones
Chaianne Jones 28 days ago
Where did you get that she was mad from? Lmfao wow
Aunica Croft
Aunica Croft Month ago
You should toms deodorant. It’s all natural
Shawna Lyle
Shawna Lyle Month ago
Cj is literally my son at 7am I’m dead🤣🤣🤣
Christel Month ago
29:44 🤣😂😂
Cheyenne Collins
LMAOO CJ is too funny 😭
If y’all decide to get rid of the couch I call dibs. 😅
Maji Johnson
Maji Johnson Month ago
Queen don't know what scheme mean😭😭😭
Maji Johnson
Maji Johnson Month ago
Yall can get a dog now 😂🙂
Tamara Hopson
Tamara Hopson Month ago
What about a Foosball table? That would be dope.
Tamara Hopson
Tamara Hopson Month ago
What about a Foosball table?
leaaa lea
leaaa lea Month ago
Cj really said legend smells like boogers and banana’s then he said her wants a cookie a candy bar and a piece of broccoli 🤣😅
genell Kirkland
genell Kirkland Month ago
Beautiful house I love watching y'all on youtube beautiful family
Juliana Thompson
You need fireplaces in the household. It's a big house. So with heat and fireplaces that will keep you from catching colds all the time.
Everything Ivy
Everything Ivy Month ago
lol loved the video
DSJ FAMILY Month ago
hunny you don't have to wash his hair everyday, most days you should just oil it or put hair lotion an brush it an petit in a pony or the braids you do an then wash like once or twice a week that will help it grow as well 😘 love you!
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