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Queen's SnapChat: Queennaija

Clarence's Instagram: clarencenyc
Clarence's Twitter: clarencenyc/
Clarence's SnapChat: Clarencenyc

CJ's Instagram: official_chrisj

Legend's Instagram: iamlegendwhite

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Dec 12, 2020




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CeCe Keeping it real
He so funny lmbo
CeCe Keeping it real
She picked that tomato up like she was going hit Clare with it. Lol
CeCe Keeping it real
That’s what Queen said. Lmbo
CeCe Keeping it real
Queen face with that baby food lol 😂
Life with Shayy
Life with Shayy Month ago
The battle of the bell peppers 😂✋🏾
Boochie Month ago
👸🏻Queen godddamn! 🍑
Rojo Poderoso
Rojo Poderoso Month ago
Why did you agree on this challenge if every round you start complaining 😒 lame couldn't finish watching byeee!!!
lailahw Month ago
12:11 ...lowkey felt bad for him
D'Ayezhia Simons
D'Ayezhia Simons 2 months ago
Queen always cheating
Chris Underwood
Chris Underwood 2 months ago
She gassed the tomatoes it don’t even taste like ketchup
Ian Clark
Ian Clark 2 months ago
I know I’m not the only that heard she ate shrimp with grits
MsBrooke Lauren
MsBrooke Lauren 2 months ago
Seriously Queen I agree with ya bout that ketchup ugh nasty !
Jada Banks
Jada Banks 2 months ago
Queen a cheater no cap Lmaoooo 💀
Gina & Family PAZ
Gina & Family PAZ 2 months ago
Did she get her lips done
Anibal.j Soto Roman
Anibal.j Soto Roman 2 months ago
Jajaja soo funny
Courtney Rose
Courtney Rose 3 months ago
Queen chill man You got a whole ass man treating you like a princess and you sit there screaming at him over vegetables!
cristall black
cristall black 3 months ago
it’s clarence throwing the pepper for me 😭😂😂😂😂
Martha Muronga
Martha Muronga 3 months ago
queen be really cheating.....unfair
Ayesha Pierre
Ayesha Pierre 3 months ago
So... do they not eat veggies or what?
Rashae Sofia
Rashae Sofia 3 months ago
It amazes me that so many people are disgusted by healthy foods! I love eating healthy lol
Yana 3 months ago
No more food challenges please cause y’all just be up here cheating 😂
Emely Castillo
Emely Castillo 3 months ago
The literate perch intringuingly occur because divorced unpredictably undress absent a fast mailman. pretty, powerful quotation
Falicia Powell
Falicia Powell 3 months ago
its the lord don't answer his prayer for me
Jusden Whitfield
Jusden Whitfield 3 months ago
I bet queen payed for the car
Laniya Peterson16
Laniya Peterson16 3 months ago
Y’all never do y’all challenges right I hate it
angelaaweeniee 3 months ago
She said okay 1 stop being greedy and she’s the one being greedy lmfao
Taniya Stevens
Taniya Stevens 3 months ago
Yo queen really be cheating Fr😂😂😂
QueenKayKay 3 months ago
This was literally the funniest video 🤣 when he drunk that juice after Queen did. He knew that drink was nasty asfff🤣
Royal Entertainment
Royal Entertainment 3 months ago
aw i love how he added in cj immediatly and didnt forget him
Kia Dior
Kia Dior 3 months ago
He said stop making it sound more pause 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dina Bee
Dina Bee 3 months ago
Life with India
Life with India 3 months ago
Shrimp 🍤🦐 is delicious 😋 but ketchup is ok 👌
kierra adams
kierra adams 3 months ago
Lmao I just love them together. I wish I could give 5 thumbs up
Shontelle Jackson
Shontelle Jackson 3 months ago
I love how competitive they be at this
Ange Crispin
Ange Crispin 3 months ago
If you guys don’t like how she acts why watch her vids 🙄 y’all are so annoying. Leave her be.
Tj and Rw
Tj and Rw 3 months ago
girl, you doin the most in this...like you gotta chill.
Destiny Candace
Destiny Candace 3 months ago
“I’m over this game” 😂😂😂 i was over it when Queen started cheating
It’ss K girl
It’ss K girl 3 months ago
Queen cheating telling Clarence to eat it when she didn’t eat it
Yazmine 3 months ago
LMAOOO when she broke the cucumber with her hands 😹😹 and the face she made lol if that aint me 😹😹
Yazmine 3 months ago
lmaoo i love how goofy they are
Skylaar Tyler
Skylaar Tyler 3 months ago
Queen be doing to much 😭😭😭
Kamie 3 months ago
Queen is having so much fun I like her energy 🥰
Jass Monique
Jass Monique 3 months ago
The way she said EAT IT !!! Lmaooo
Hailey Omar
Hailey Omar 3 months ago
Why I feel like they fight more now
Bria Harrell
Bria Harrell 3 months ago
Next time y’all need to shop separately lol it might be more fun
Keyonia 3 months ago
I’m team Clare queen don’t be Playing Fair when it comes to games like these 😂
A Green
A Green 3 months ago
yall need to open up yalls palets bro, say swear u never heard of beets?
Amber Byrd
Amber Byrd 3 months ago
Martha Clark
Martha Clark 3 months ago
Candace. 3 months ago
Why does it even matter if she’s being aggressive half of y’all females are even worse she can have off days too where she’s not in the mood . Y’all be so annoying
Lilianna Rosales
Lilianna Rosales 3 months ago
Clarence you really trippin shrimp is hella good
Tauro Brill
Tauro Brill 3 months ago
Imagine comparing Shrimp to Ketchup 🤦🏽‍♂️🤨🤣🤣
Sabrina's Life
Sabrina's Life 3 months ago
Can't wait to see what ya'll do for CJ birthday!
ode nino
ode nino 3 months ago
not the mesh mask smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Vivica Williams
Vivica Williams 3 months ago
Lol 😂I love how everybody all heated about people they don’t know
Ericka Kay
Ericka Kay 3 months ago
Clearance is me fixing the cart 😭😭
RILEY ON THAT BEAT 3 months ago
When *Clarence* said, *"no homo, I'm doing just the tip"* 💀💀💀
Treasurely Treasurely
The way Clare looked at her when she broke the cucumber lmfaoo got me crying tearss😂😂💀
miguel gutierrez
miguel gutierrez 3 months ago
And idk if you gonna see this Clarence but they way you eat star fruit you gonna chew on the edges of the fruit till they dry or just bite a piece off wit the skin and chew on it
miguel gutierrez
miguel gutierrez 3 months ago
Damn Clarence lowkey be cheating if he gonna do the challenge he gotta pull through all the way not take a lil bite of the pepper how you let your girl out do you by taking a bigger bite of the pepper
QuBuddha _
QuBuddha _ 3 months ago
There should be more vids like this, yall funny 😂
Iyana Boardley
Iyana Boardley 3 months ago
He cheating he didnt barely eat anything but she literally chewed everything
STXRMY ALMXGHTY 3 months ago
Yeah Ketchup is nasty af lol
Varrion Franklin
Varrion Franklin 3 months ago
It been alot of pausing in this video 🤣🤣
avery hall
avery hall 3 months ago
that mask queen is wearing is absolutely disgusting. you purposefully are wearing a non effective mask, i mean how SELFISH do you have to be to wear a non effective mask around people who could have underlying conditions. you have a kid... actually 2. act like an adult and stop thinking about just yourself, it's not fair.
Vonette Manjet
Vonette Manjet 3 months ago
The star fruit is called five finger, it can be sweet or sour but taste good.
Hania Houssein ali
Hania Houssein ali 3 months ago
Shrimp 🍤 is amazing ! If you saying it’s disgusting I thing some wrong with you 😂
Jessy Jay & Family TV
I’m confused why Queen got so mad about the pepper when she spit hers out too. She didn’t even eat hers.
EBONIQUEEN 3447 3 months ago
Queen is a cheater and a sore loser🤔I wouldn’t play anything with her😉
Crackhead So
Crackhead So 3 months ago
Um bye- not that username
suphoria glamorror
suphoria glamorror 3 months ago
she be so fucking salty every challenge it’s hilarious 😂😂😂
Joy Cruz
Joy Cruz 3 months ago
Why queen yelling so much wtf
angie pena
angie pena 3 months ago
Queen fr buggin in this one 😥 let homie breath girly. Why so agressive?
Latoya Martin
Latoya Martin 3 months ago
z israel
z israel 3 months ago
Is queen okay in this video? I can only describe the vibe as a bit much and pushy. Hope all is well, maybe sis' needed a nap...
Kolbi Clear
Kolbi Clear 3 months ago
When Queen broke the cucumber in half 😭😭
BrownSkiin Brre
BrownSkiin Brre 3 months ago
C: (Throws The Pepper) Q: Eat The Got Daamm Pepper Q: (Turns) Are Yu Serious C: Huuh
BrownSkiin Brre
BrownSkiin Brre 3 months ago
It’s The “No HoMo Buhh I’m Doing Just The Tip”😂😂😂😂😂
Karly Tootoo
Karly Tootoo 3 months ago
Queen the man of the relationship lmaoo🤣🤣
Liah baby
Liah baby 3 months ago
I hope they washed these veggies before they did this challenge
Jessica Blake
Jessica Blake 3 months ago
Queen is dramatic yo 😂
JJae 3 months ago
Queen: I WANNA TRY STAR FRUIT Also Queen: I BOUGHT IT SO I CAN TRY IT oooh I should punch you in your temple 😭😭
diana O
diana O 3 months ago
Queen be loud af 🤣
Wawa What’s Good
Wawa What’s Good 3 months ago
Please do another what’s in the box 📦 video
Jessica Blake
Jessica Blake 3 months ago
Some ppl eat ketchup some don’t not a big deal
A Mason
A Mason 3 months ago
Kinda annoying when he takes forever to do a lil challenge. I know Queen get lowkey annoyed with him. 😂
Prince Chance
Prince Chance 3 months ago
He’s really cheating the whole time
Jessy Jay & Family TV
I feel like if Queen would play right he would have too. She barely ate anything but got mad cause he wouldn’t lol how sway?
ArmaniShanell 3 months ago
it’s Clarence i didn’t get it i didn’t get it😂
Asia Coleman
Asia Coleman 4 months ago
“Put your pepper next to myy pepper” 🤚🏽🤣🤣🤣💀 .
kwacyboo 4 months ago
Queen is the real cheater in this game thou lol not right queen lol
Jashira Matos
Jashira Matos 4 months ago
I love your other intro
vanessa martinez
vanessa martinez 4 months ago
bruh anybody else was mad how childish queen was acting? like eat the damn tomato😂😂😂😂
Pyt. Layla
Pyt. Layla 4 months ago
both of yall cheated the whole video
Carla leggs
Carla leggs 4 months ago
Blessing Batista
Blessing Batista 4 months ago
Queen the cheater now 💯💯🤣 it used to be clearance in the beginning
_. monii
_. monii 4 months ago
Phat beets what the fuck😂😂
Mikayla Lawson
Mikayla Lawson 4 months ago
Queen was talking to Clarence like he a child 😂😂😂😂😂 she so funny
Cheyenne Hoskins
Cheyenne Hoskins 4 months ago
Clearance “I didn’t get green, 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t get it” LMFAOOO took me out
Che doll
Che doll 4 months ago
queen alittle to rough lmaooo
Kiani K
Kiani K 4 months ago
I’m high watching this video y’all Trippin 😂😭 Clare know how she act and did not trip lol
Jamese Bullock
Jamese Bullock 4 months ago
Queen ass a cheater😂🤦🏾‍♀️