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Dec 13, 2020




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Xfrmdawic 10 days ago
High cholesterol forsure holyyyyy
Vilanova_ 11 days ago
Na u ain’t the only one who ate snow when they was younger Queen 🤣
CeCe Keeping it real
Queen!!! Really lol
CeCe Keeping it real
Other’s on US-first need to learn to cover they hair and wash they hands boo. 💙💙
Chunky Mama
Chunky Mama Month ago
waves on swim. so they hate... on him. lol
DreamsToReality Month ago
I ate snow before that’s normal !!!
Gina Latisa
Gina Latisa Month ago
need creole seasoning for that steak sis,
That meal looks delicious 🤤
KarenDied K.R
KarenDied K.R Month ago
I love y’all and QUEEN dont ever leave C he sexy af
Incolere 2 months ago
Where can I purchase the body suits that Queen always wears?....so cute 🥰
Tia Victor
Tia Victor 2 months ago
I don't know why but every time I searched up the royal family it always shows the royalty family like do I want to watch them like no I don't but any ways I love y'all
Nikiyah Burnside
Nikiyah Burnside 2 months ago
Let me say my little sister had that same pot and pan set and we threw it away cause she was using them as drums and I had bought her a Minnie mouse kitchen for Christmas and I was like well dang she could've used those pots.
Emotionless 2 months ago
shouldve just microwaved the butter to have it melted... @7:50
PinkThief 3 months ago
Awe legend is so cute and when he throw the melon awee btw I like ur song lie to me
Tjay Renae
Tjay Renae 3 months ago
I told Clarence to get out the way like 7 times 😂😂
Glamed by Nisa
Glamed by Nisa 3 months ago
legendes little laughs are the cutest 😭😩😍
QueenKayKay 3 months ago
When the snow fell from the sky I would put my head up with my tongue out and make sure the snow landed on my tongue
Mahogany Kincaid
Mahogany Kincaid 3 months ago
Shorty can not cook
Ari Carter
Ari Carter 3 months ago
Clarence is killing the vibe
yamileth freytes
yamileth freytes 3 months ago
I love u guys this is my first time wit your videos I love u guys. Too cute of a couple just keeping it real .....
Anitra Coleman
Anitra Coleman 3 months ago
Love it when you play with legend you can make videos like this all day
Evelyn Dunham
Evelyn Dunham 3 months ago
Yummy yum yum yum
Jo mayo
Jo mayo 3 months ago
Their connection is everything! Of course we only see what the show us. But the way they are gentle with each other, willing to learn together, and how they look at each other says a lot 💖 and they are bomb parents
SippyDaDemon 3 months ago
SippyDaDemon 3 months ago
us-first.info/more/P5VuV8xlrthLMBS2XG4dzw SFS
Melanin Mami's
Melanin Mami's 3 months ago
Next time try to cover the pan with the top so you know the inside will be cooking
Monique Mcnair
Monique Mcnair 3 months ago
Snow was good back in the day
Monique Mcnair
Monique Mcnair 3 months ago
Queen start cooking ur bacon in the oven
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones 3 months ago
The salt is supposed to be last after cooking salt draws the juice out in the cooking process pressing the meat down pushes the juice out producing dryer steak
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee 3 months ago
Legend has a contagious laugh like his daddy lol
Aryanna Rene
Aryanna Rene 3 months ago
i eat snow all the time
Aryanna Rene
Aryanna Rene 3 months ago
queen always on some freaky stuff😭 but its funny
Jesselyn Montano
Jesselyn Montano 3 months ago
Hi Queen!!! Love you guys!!! Next time you should try using a cast iron skillet.
snowX raven
snowX raven 3 months ago
You weren’t being aggressive queen you were being competitive
Iyana Boardley
Iyana Boardley 3 months ago
Try putting his pots in his own cabinet he prolly jus likes going in the cabinets lol
Lailah tv
Lailah tv 3 months ago
I eat snow all the time -
candy candy
candy candy 3 months ago
Where’s my (well done) steak crew I need my steak well done
BriAnA G
BriAnA G 3 months ago
Legends laugh is too cute 🥰
Ya.Fav. Nishia
Ya.Fav. Nishia 3 months ago
Y’all should do a cook off
Tiara White
Tiara White 3 months ago
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mount up with wings as eagles
Got my mouth watering for a steak dinner. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family.
Rayna Barden
Rayna Barden 3 months ago
Im Ypsilanti Michigan We ate snow lol
markenia brime
markenia brime 3 months ago
I’ve ate snow before
Nicole Gantz
Nicole Gantz 3 months ago
Hey queen! You're not weird lol I grew up in lansing mi and I used to love eating snow!
STXRMY ALMXGHTY 3 months ago
Snow is recycled water sooo don’t eat snow like Queen lol
z israel
z israel 3 months ago
The food looks delicious.
Calvin YT215
Calvin YT215 3 months ago
Queen don’t listen to them comments do u... Clarence you too💯.
akyshrt4 3 months ago
season it, drizzle some grape seed oil or olive oil on. then put some garlic butter on top and put them in the oven on 400 degrees (until its to your liking). it will always come out perfect and you don’t have to flip it. *and the oil does help with the browning/crisping lol*
Chakalate Thunder
Chakalate Thunder 3 months ago
Queen, next time sautee some onions, and green peppers them put it on top of the streak. You both with love it.
Danisha Menelas
Danisha Menelas 3 months ago
Queen: I need to eat healthy more Also queen: 🥩 I can relate 😭
Emma Caballero
Emma Caballero 4 months ago
Love ittt❤️❤️❤️❤️
Emma Caballero
Emma Caballero 4 months ago
Legend is sooooo adorable 😍😍😍😍
Angelic 99% minus one
Must be his fav sweatshirt.....
Young and fly forever
Did you wash is first 🧐
Thatgirl TV
Thatgirl TV 4 months ago
Hey queen next time you wanna cook steak you should let it marinate in a marinade overnight it’ll get it moist and tender. Also ease up on the onion powder Lmaoo you try this seasoning called complete seasoning.
Melanin Princess
Melanin Princess 4 months ago
i swear you made that food look soooooooooo freaking good and did a good job for it being your first steak
Lee 4 months ago
Delamore Official
Delamore Official 4 months ago
I def ate snow too ❄️ 😇 🥶
Jayda Gwyn
Jayda Gwyn 4 months ago
17:48 Queen: “you didn’t eat snow in NewYork Clar: *shakes head aggressively * I felt that shit 😂😂😂 hell no we don’t eat snow that falls in the Bronx tf😂😂😂😂
Jump boy H
Jump boy H 4 months ago
u guys are watching big mouth lol
Atena Rajaei Kermani
The orange niece concurringly regret because queen qualitatively scribble regarding a anxious sweater. hollow, kaput stock
Emahjanae Brown
Emahjanae Brown 4 months ago
The food looks good but your food can still be Fully done and still be juicy and I’m telling you because I am a cook I love cooking
Emahjanae Brown
Emahjanae Brown 4 months ago
Now where is the Sassoon
Rosie Adams
Rosie Adams 4 months ago
I guess I’m disgusted too cause I use to eat show back then... Weirdest thing tho I used to think I was gonna die from eating the snow but I couldn’t help it 🤣🤣🤣
The Lion Princess
The Lion Princess 4 months ago
Lake libraries not safe. It have a lot of history behind that lake. Snow no it have chemicals
Tyreece Richardson
Tyreece Richardson 4 months ago
Only Anj
Only Anj 4 months ago
When it snowed my grandma would scoop some up and make us some sweet snow cream it was bomb
Kameryn Howard
Kameryn Howard 4 months ago
It takes 7 minutes for medium rare steak to be done at 130 degrees
Brynisha Peterson
Brynisha Peterson 4 months ago
I used to eat snow all the time
Perla Q
Perla Q 4 months ago
Anything queen cooks , always looks good. Even if its not good in taste lol .
Simply Yonna
Simply Yonna 4 months ago
I look on US-first when I don’t know a recipe too I’ll add/replace something or subtract a seasoning they use steak would be a biiiig challenge for me🥺
Asia Coles
Asia Coles 4 months ago
You guys did a great job on the dinner wow looks delicious 😋
S VTL 4 months ago
yes clarence well done/burnt im with you 👌
Pgh412 15210
Pgh412 15210 4 months ago
I ate snow ❄️🌨️ hell yes and stood outside mouth wide open tongue out catching snowflakes
Mya Sut
Mya Sut 4 months ago
Next time beat your steak with a knife thank me later ❤️
Ashley •
Ashley • 4 months ago
I like how Clarence is very mild-mannered. That’s really nice. You can see the maturity by the way he carries himself.
Katie Sundermier
Katie Sundermier 4 months ago
I grew up in Pennsylvania, snow eating is normal here!
Rose 15
Rose 15 4 months ago
I want to see more videos of Queen and Clarence cooking together ❤ its a nice way for them to bond ! Oh and yes I ate fresh snow ❄
Julia Jayleen
Julia Jayleen 4 months ago
awww legends laugh🥺
sherima hanley
sherima hanley 4 months ago
Nah I'm with clarence eating snow is nasty lol
ohhthts kenn
ohhthts kenn 4 months ago
you sound like my mother talking bout roast beef & what she grew up eating😂😂😂
MalRulesAll 4 months ago
Ohhh 😯😋😋
Kiara Adair
Kiara Adair 4 months ago
It’s a grill on the stove already
The Art Of Blessin
The Art Of Blessin 4 months ago
I eat snow,my mom turns it into icecream it's so good
Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie 4 months ago
Sorry guys those steaks looks trash
Beautiful 4 months ago
I think it’s a Detroit thing 😂🤣 because I for sure take a cup outside to scoop a fresh scoop of snow and eat it🤤❄️
LiłGūtta Bäñdz
LiłGūtta Bäñdz 4 months ago
Ik I ate snow before 😂🤣🤣
tommesia cooper
tommesia cooper 4 months ago
less salt more of the other seasonings 😉
KoUrTnEy 4 months ago
Definitely ate snow
Syncere Upshaw
Syncere Upshaw 4 months ago
17:57 I swear that stuff is so good😫
teresaromo428 4 months ago
We used to make slushees out of snow
Cynthia Tejada
Cynthia Tejada 4 months ago
Eat snow? Lmaoooo have u been to New York? That’s dirty 😭💀
Life As Scarlet
Life As Scarlet 4 months ago
Hydesha Mccutchen
Hydesha Mccutchen 4 months ago
Yessss queen girl looks good
Jessica Kumaga
Jessica Kumaga 4 months ago
LMAOO peep them watching Big Mouth @15:59
Nicolethediamond 4 months ago
Legend's laugh made me like the video, so cute
Claudia Pierre Louis
Awwww how cute❤ meanwhile, I been married 3 years and can't get my husband to make me simple spagetti 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jasmine Warren
Jasmine Warren 4 months ago
Queen, your supposed to put a bowl out before it snows to catch it fresh lol
Yadyra Gonzalez
Yadyra Gonzalez 4 months ago
My first time hearing lil man laughing 😂 so cute
Jamaican Jewel
Jamaican Jewel 4 months ago
"When i use to work at checkers" Queen has come a long way and I Love To See It #glowup 😍💰💵
Oh No.... 😂