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Clarence's Twitter: clarencenyc/
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CJ's Instagram: official_chrisj

Legend's Instagram: iamlegendwhite

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Dec 14, 2020




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Alyssa Month ago
Her singing😍
SheyShey SoGoofy
SheyShey SoGoofy 2 months ago
Yooo I’m over here crying at the fit that Clarence said Queen was trying to put Legend in 😂😂 he said “Tryna have him look like he sale watches” 💀💀 I instantly thought he would look like a yodeler 😂 Like the thing that makes it more funny is I can picture legend in it & I’m CRYING 😂😂
Tionna Blackwell
Tionna Blackwell 2 months ago
Legend is one FUNNY baby 😂😂😂
Santrice Canady
Santrice Canady 2 months ago
Living Light
Living Light 3 months ago
Living Light
Living Light 3 months ago
CJ is such a great brother...
Eternal Peace
Eternal Peace 3 months ago
Claudia Arellano
Claudia Arellano 3 months ago
😂 like he time travels 💀
Claudia Arellano
Claudia Arellano 3 months ago
Its that mommy mode in me I felt sad hearing him cry it broke my heart 😭🥺💔🥰😍
Queida4Real !
Queida4Real ! 3 months ago
Legend act just like his daddy !!! Ahaha soooo cute
Gashun Ware
Gashun Ware 3 months ago
Cj asked Santa for some teeth❤ omg! That just so precious 😍
Gashun Ware
Gashun Ware 3 months ago
All Cj is the sweetest, He told Legend "be good for Santa and God" omg! Queen you are really raising some beautiful children inside and out🥰
Aypril Jones
Aypril Jones 3 months ago
i would of gotten so aggravated if my son was acting like legend during santa lmao. yelled at him and all. "sit ya ass down"
Hania Houssein ali
Hania Houssein ali 3 months ago
You know what’s so funny C.J is so happy, and the legend be crying yelling and all😂
Renee King
Renee King 3 months ago
When cj said medicine Nd she started to sing 🥺😩🥰🥰
Emonie Brown
Emonie Brown 3 months ago
queen your the star Never forget that what you give out too buy your love you shoud be able too get back gvng you strong enough too rock out with your lil boys an keep Win
EBONIQUEEN 3447 3 months ago
Y’all need to order a pack of 50 disposable mask on Amazon to leave in your vehicles. Amazon have very nice disposable 😷
Bernadette Ann
Bernadette Ann 3 months ago
Cj and his mom really are the cutest 🥺🥺❤️
The Mystic And Moon
The Mystic And Moon 3 months ago
When he said “like he time travels” I lost it lol.
Dana Marcano
Dana Marcano 3 months ago
I put the medicine in the milk I would buy the one without color and my kids couldn’t tell
Babygirl TRE
Babygirl TRE 3 months ago
I to the same doctor to wow
Tammie Holland
Tammie Holland 3 months ago
I have done everything possible to enter the giveaway. I really support you guys and enjoy the content it has helped me through a lot of tough times. I never win anything but if I did happen to wake up tomorrow to this blessing it would really mean a lot. But if not whoever gets it I hope they enjoy and have a blessed Christmas along with everyone else. $tammierenee21
Candy H
Candy H 3 months ago
So you took him to school after he wasn’t feeling well, (Clearly! but just because they said he didn’t have an infection you just dropped him and CJ off huh... even though Legend was clearly not well 😐 after you picked them up Legend wasn’t feeling well, coughing like crazy an all. And if miss Queen is into God and being a good Christian why did she try to put down CJ after he said “ Be good to Santa and be good to God”? Is it because she sold her soul her soul to the devil and can’t even talk about God at this point? Hmm 🤔....
Chaianne Jones
Chaianne Jones 3 months ago
You need real serious help the way you make shit up obviously you arent well
Candy H
Candy H 3 months ago
Why wasn’t Clarence at the doctor’s office? 🤔
Kenija Thomas
Kenija Thomas 3 months ago
antwan smith
antwan smith 4 months ago
Queen, have you ever heard of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? I hope you don't take this question offensive or invasive, but Legend reminds me so much of my daughter it's crazy. Just something to think about!
June Bugg
June Bugg 4 months ago
Clarence should’ve went to Legend and told him to sit down and smile. Not laugh
tommesia cooper
tommesia cooper 4 months ago
he can get protein from other sources....
vellvell 2sassy
vellvell 2sassy 4 months ago
Jesus all that back there❤️
Chyna Doll
Chyna Doll 4 months ago
Me and my kids love you guys!!!! Happy Holidays!
Funny tiktoks And more
Cj it’s such a good big brother.
beauttty072 4 months ago
It's an infection if it's white smh or green. I was like did santa ever move at all, then he finally moved when they left
J M 4 months ago
when did y'all get a jeeeeeep!👀
Tanisha S
Tanisha S 4 months ago
Cj is such a great sport I love him 🥺🥰
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 4 months ago
Lmaoooo when I say CJ is hilarioussss🤣🤣 he don’t like ppl poking fun at his teeth
sis & bro stvb
sis & bro stvb 4 months ago
Asia Coles
Asia Coles 4 months ago
Awwww how cute 🥰
Dana Diamond
Dana Diamond 4 months ago
That baby is full of infection SMH 😫 thats sad
Myb 4 months ago
Cj starting to look like Chris !!
Chassity M
Chassity M 4 months ago
Queen you have to stop legend from sucking on that Sippy cup before the same thing that happened to Cj teeth happens to him
TeeTee Reid
TeeTee Reid 4 months ago
out of the whole video some are only commenting about Cj singing medicine.There were alot more special moments she was trying to share with us..Anyway great vid Royal Family!
Sha B
Sha B 4 months ago
Queen that mask is cute but it’s not safe
Perfectly Imperfect Tia
get CJ some fake teeth
S Lugo
S Lugo 4 months ago
U can so tell that only legend is his bio son he shows no attention to the older boy
Chaianne Jones
Chaianne Jones 4 months ago
Cj is 5 , legend is 1... its obvious who requires more attention period. Clarence plays with cj regularly
Latonya Dobbs
Latonya Dobbs 4 months ago
I forgot to mention we had a child together a girl he paid more attention to her as well.
Latonya Dobbs
Latonya Dobbs 4 months ago
The guy I dated for 12 years. I found out he was jealous of my son.
Đąscoŕpïon Belleza
Love the vlog. Can u put a mask on them pls...
KeemFG 4 months ago
3:48 thank me later🤣
bri wilson
bri wilson 4 months ago
It’s ok
Vonna B
Vonna B 4 months ago
CJ IS GETTING tall. He's such a good big brother🥰👍🏼
Kim Knight
Kim Knight 4 months ago
awww poor baby I do not like when babies cry he still so cute I hate when my babies use to cry
Leticia Delosangeles
“ all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth” please show cj this song 😂😂😂😂😂
Shavon Sullivan
Shavon Sullivan 4 months ago
ashley Odom
ashley Odom 4 months ago
Looks like legend is teething 😬
Officially_ Jade
Officially_ Jade 4 months ago
U can tell cj will ALWAYS love his mother n be there for her and when he get older he gonna be so overprotective abt queen😂❤️
Officially_ Jade
Officially_ Jade 4 months ago
Awnn the way baby cj got up n kissed queen was cuteeee
LX Spa
LX Spa 4 months ago
Legend be sucking nothing but air in that bottle. That might be playing a role in him pulling his ear. And CJ looking more like his dad the older he get.
lil j
lil j 4 months ago
Know he stole queen whole face and still got it that nigga Chris starting to look sadder and sadder
Mari’s Roblox Tv
Mari’s Roblox Tv 4 months ago
If you’re seeing this have a very merry 🎄 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 like
Shania Reneé
Shania Reneé 4 months ago
Little does cj know medicine about his daddy
Regina’s World
Regina’s World 4 months ago
Omg that is my ringtone I love you and your songs
Analo Kawa
Analo Kawa 4 months ago
CJ is really his mother's son ♥️
Ambrrr 4 months ago
Cj asked for teeth omg 😂😂😂😂😂❤️
christol fraser
christol fraser 4 months ago
He said some teefh
Mz Char
Mz Char 4 months ago
Ok the top is pinkish not brown Queen in this light
Mia Williams
Mia Williams 4 months ago
This was too cute! Happy Holidays Royal Fam ❤️
Vibing With Nay
Vibing With Nay 4 months ago
Legend not having it at all😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤😂😂
Vibing With Nay
Vibing With Nay 4 months ago
Awwwww cj love his mommy ❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓
Zyyy 4 months ago
Aw Cj randomly kissing his mom cheek🥺 Edit: when queen said medicine and Cj instantly started singing her song🥺 that boy loves his momma
Christal L
Christal L 4 months ago
Legend so freaking cuteeee
Reese, Des, & Charles World
My son is 23 pounds too and he’s about to be 7 months 🤣
Yamira Gonzalez
Yamira Gonzalez 4 months ago
Ya have to dry his ears after showering !!!
Soul Renee
Soul Renee 4 months ago
Cj and Legend are gone be some very handsome boys with good hair when they get older. Keep raising them right Queen. We love you
Kaay 4 months ago
Cj gone be mad asf when he wake up with no teeth
Lovely Lovebug
Lovely Lovebug 4 months ago
Queen is such a awesome person and mom.
Cheyenne Ashton
Cheyenne Ashton 4 months ago
Cj fasho got his momma personality it’s so cute
CEO of Henjoyment
CEO of Henjoyment 4 months ago
Cj asked for some teeth🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m bawling
Kandace Kandace
Kandace Kandace 4 months ago
Legend stay sick, seriously!
carrin perkins
carrin perkins 4 months ago
Lol awwww Legend love the vlogmas 14
Megan DeAnn
Megan DeAnn 4 months ago
My son has that same nike coat from Nordstrom!
Hiba Ali
Hiba Ali 4 months ago
They nice fr
Taayttay 4 months ago
When queen put the camera in the back 😍😍🤥
Zoe Soleyn
Zoe Soleyn 4 months ago
When the kids have colds should try to stay off the milk a lil it creates mucus and can cause them to cough. But you guys are awesome love watching. And I love your album Queen listen to it everyday
Jasmine Griffin
Jasmine Griffin 4 months ago
when cj asked for teeth for christmas 😂😂😂
Bucketfam Ty
Bucketfam Ty 4 months ago
onna guyz im sorry clarence but queen beefy...
Alexia Sorrell
Alexia Sorrell 4 months ago
Shit more store supply mask got damn know the panic attack of not having a mask on you
Summer Addison
Summer Addison 4 months ago
Very pretty 🥰👌😎 can I see what picture look like
tiffie brownie
tiffie brownie 4 months ago
Legend is his fathers child 🤣🤣
Journeigh Dorch
Journeigh Dorch 4 months ago
He is so sweet to his mom he even k ow her song he is a good son I love the way he support his mom💕💕
queen chadonnay
queen chadonnay 4 months ago
This dude say he shiny like a coin lol. Cj is hilarious
TaMicheal Reeves
TaMicheal Reeves 4 months ago
13:38 at that point CJ was OVER IT!!! 😂😂😂. Look at the foot. Legend wore him out
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders 4 months ago
Love y’all! ❤️
Bay Princess
Bay Princess 4 months ago
Awe I love y’all
Kalyn Renee
Kalyn Renee 4 months ago
Where tf are the videos 😒😒 y'all owe us 3 videos now
morgan xo
morgan xo 4 months ago
why doesn't cj have a mask on 🥺
M Perea Solarte
M Perea Solarte 4 months ago
You should keep using oat milk and add Vega protein powder
morgan xo
morgan xo 4 months ago
that outfit for legend is cute 😂😂
Linababeyy 4 months ago
just patiently waiting on vlogmas 15 & 16...its upsetting me because i literally wake up looking forward to their videos
Maura 4 months ago
3:17 they looked at me first 😳
Nanci badillo
Nanci badillo 4 months ago
Y’all I like queen but her bbl looks so Un natural it looks like to basket balls just sittting there instead of it being wide on top and in the sides and thick lol not hating I just think she looked better before
Evelyn Dunham
Evelyn Dunham 4 months ago
Cyella Official
Cyella Official 4 months ago
I’m waiting for vlog ( 15,16 ) please
Vic’s World
Vic’s World 4 months ago
What happened to the vlogmas videos... there not posting as much
Auda L
Auda L 4 months ago
Bruh legend is a movie in his own right lml
lovexanisa 4 months ago
“ I like being shiny like coin “