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Mar 25, 2021




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Royal Family
Royal Family 28 days ago
Before anybody get on here saying “don’t be disrespectful” .. Let’s just be clear I was LAUGHING at Clarence’s facial expression- not the food 😊 cause who laughs at food? Enjoy the video y’all 💜
ur AVG
ur AVG Day ago
Yea yea
Bomb Impressions for Christ
Its ok Queen its called being human. Dont even like all American food
Vine S
Vine S 6 days ago
Deshawn Myles
Deshawn Myles 7 days ago
the game was great but I think I
shae 4real
shae 4real 7 days ago
queen just made me laugh the whole time, video was fun....clare was really out his comfort zone but he tried it.
Charlotte Charles
Charlotte Charles 2 hours ago
You are such a joke nobody ask you or beg you to eat African food. Why don't you stop making mockery of yourselves
Naa Shika
Naa Shika 4 hours ago
You can eat the egusi with boiled rice (plain), potatoes (not mashed), fried plantain, etc. In Ghana, it's called egusi STEW and we don't eat it with fufu.
Denise Hawkins
Denise Hawkins 9 hours ago
Couldn't take you to a restaurant
Rae Allen
Rae Allen 17 hours ago
Or even like a African black eyed pea soup you eat with bread or rice #fire
Rae Allen
Rae Allen 17 hours ago
Ya'll they probably ain't doing it right up there my homegirl use to make me cassava leaf stew in college with rice on the bottom and it was sooo good.
Favour U.
Favour U. 20 hours ago
it also depends on who makes the food bc nigerian food is not easy to cook 😭
siobhan james
siobhan james 21 hour ago
“The senegalese?” ... Waitress “We nah av dat”
Gelila Fess
Gelila Fess Day ago
Yall should try Ethiopian food next 🇪🇹
Cole temitope abiola itunuoluwa
you can try EGUSI with POUNDO YAM next time, but swallow and not to be chewed......................... love from NIGERIA
Cole temitope abiola itunuoluwa
if you want to enjoy FUFU don't chew it, you have to swallow it straight up
Thereallife Princesa
Lmfaoo it’s chewing
Tema T
Tema T 3 days ago
Not I don't do multi-animal soup. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yoo honestly I never in my life cried laughing to a youtube video except this one!!! QUEEN you had me dyingggg!!!!
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 3 days ago
Can you try Jamaican food next ?
Taylor Jae
Taylor Jae 4 days ago
I already know before I start watching this video they gon get dragged somehow😂😂😂
Only 1 Ebo
Only 1 Ebo 4 days ago
Y’all is so funny omg it’s 2am
Keya Natallie
Keya Natallie 4 days ago
When he smacked the fufu 🥰🥰♥️😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪
linda Mathew
linda Mathew 4 days ago
Queen try Indian food Chicken tikka masala Garlic nan Chicken biriyani Samosa Palak paneer!!!!
Brianna Cook
Brianna Cook 5 days ago
“Ion do no muiti-animal soup”😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
Aisha B
Aisha B 5 days ago
My family and I would not be able to do US-first cause we would've been making faces, spitting stuff out and all of that if we didn't like it not even because we're being disrespectful but just because we're human and that's our natural reaction
Chosen Warrior
Chosen Warrior 5 days ago
He thinks he knows it alllll ughhhh
Monaè 3
Monaè 3 6 days ago
Guys do a Jamaican mukbang nexttt!!
Carol Ab
Carol Ab 6 days ago
So F-ing extra!!!
Delilah Green
Delilah Green 6 days ago
Why the fudge can't y'all hula hoop?
Shanae Aitcheson
Shanae Aitcheson 6 days ago
“No mulit-animal soup”😭😂😂
Shanae Aitcheson
Shanae Aitcheson 6 days ago
The video hasn’t even started and I’m bussing upp😭😭😂😂😂Queen’s laugh has meee🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yaya 4 Real
Yaya 4 Real 6 days ago
It’s not even the men she be with it’s her. She didn’t have to be that disrespectful just say that you don’t like it and why. Clarence was mature and honest she was immature and disrespectful.
This was nice lol and cassava leaf soup is bitter and it’s an acquired taste. If you haven’t grown up on it, it may not resonate with you very well lol.
Chelsea Cross
Chelsea Cross 7 days ago
Mix the Jollof and Egusi together next time. A little spicy. But it’s good 👌🏽
22BeautifulDiva 7 days ago
That’s why y’all should’ve tried the potato greens & spinach like I said. It comes with white rice & you can get it mixed with chicken, smoked turkey & beef. It’s FIRE!!
sydney irvin
sydney irvin 7 days ago
i agree w clarence only thin meat anything else is 🤮🤮
Kimberley Stultz
Kimberley Stultz 7 days ago
Try Jamaican food
The Rivera Family
Consava leaf taste better in rice
Myleah Lowery-Stokes
As I'm watching this all of queens songs keep playing on my Alexa
Johnaya Haynes
Johnaya Haynes 8 days ago
She sound like Maya Angelou a lil bit 😭😭 (the lady at the restaurant)
Cenyia Burriell
Cenyia Burriell 8 days ago
queen’s vocals at 19:24😩🔥
Cenyia Burriell
Cenyia Burriell 8 days ago
Royal family gang🥰🤞🏾🤍🤍
Latesha Renee
Latesha Renee 8 days ago
I already know this is about to be funny because Clarence is such a picky eater lol
Lucero White
Lucero White 8 days ago
Why did you do your lips queen 😩 you looked good without it
Andy E.
Andy E. 8 days ago
I think Clarence would love some rack of lamb.
Ayomide Olaniganlawson
I watched other youtubers as well and no one was laughing like queen
Danae D
Danae D 8 days ago
“It might be a cow foot”😂 “Beef foot”😂😂😭😭
Ayomide Olaniganlawson
I respect the fact that you are picky, clearance at least tried it then have is opinion, queen just smelt it and started laughing 25:23. So childish
Danae D
Danae D 8 days ago
“Lamp is really stretchy”😂
Danae D
Danae D 8 days ago
Queen dying with laugh 😂
Elizabeth Fernandes
Clarence seems to be all into himself ..... hardly ever see him showing that love to queen like he should ❤️💯
tyrone heron
tyrone heron 9 days ago
This was funny y'all. You guys should do Jamaican food next!
Paris living
Paris living 9 days ago
You should try Haitian Food. You guy's would enjoy it!
Destiny armstrong
queens laugh is everythingggg ❤❤❤
Deika 9 days ago
TRY EAST AFRICAN FOOD. SOMALI FOOD!! you wont regret it . !! check out other youtubers to see . the food is Fire 🔥
Asia C
Asia C 9 days ago
Y’all need to go to a steakhouse and order you some lamb chops at the right temperature, the best. Also curry goat and curry lamb is bomb
Esme’s World
Esme’s World 10 days ago
Queen is too cute
Love Melissa
Love Melissa 10 days ago
When I tried it I had the spinach and peppers and the egusi it was really good I made sure my fufu had everything on it because it’s very bland but I loved it overall
Brittany Donaldson
Brittany Donaldson 10 days ago
I’m proud of Clarence for trying it lol cause I couldn’t do it and queen is hilarious
pink princess
pink princess 10 days ago
Y’all gotta let these ppl voice they opinion n stop being picky , they’ll be describing scent taste n texture , if it taste nasty it’s their opinion if it taste good it good tf
Rishaa Mariee
Rishaa Mariee 10 days ago
Clarence I know you have had like a gyro or something. That’s Lamb
Lil Shiesty
Lil Shiesty 10 days ago
Ok nobody get high and watch this video im dead crying
Tabila Kella
Tabila Kella 10 days ago
You guys should try a Ethiopian food
angela deboise
angela deboise 10 days ago
I swear Queens laugh is hilarious bruh😂😂😂😂
Alba Terron
Alba Terron 11 days ago
I think you the meat you tried queen was probably goat because goat has a gamey taste and I think thats tart taste you had
keila castro
keila castro 11 days ago
I saw y’all looked into the ingredients.. there’s an app called “Think Dirty” that explains all the products when you scan the barcode.
Princess Chenel
Princess Chenel 11 days ago
I love their relationship yall funny as hell
Princess Chenel
Princess Chenel 11 days ago
Queens laugh is everything ❤😂
äil33n įb33
äil33n įb33 11 days ago
Clarence said I don’t do no multi animal soup 🤣
Racquel Le'Andra
Racquel Le'Andra 11 days ago
Lamb can be tender or tough just like steak. It just depends how you cook it
Bienose Emmanuel
Bienose Emmanuel 11 days ago
Mad cruise 😂😂😂
AllThings BriJanelle
IF PEOPLE DON’T LIKE AFRICAN GOOD THEY JUST DONT LIKE IT!!! They can say it’s NASTY and it taste like whatever their opinion is!! Can’t nobody get mad at that... I get so tired of people lol I swear!!
JayDee 2020
JayDee 2020 11 days ago
Clarence over there comparing lamb to a chicken (bird)?? Hunh?? 😂😂😂
Katie Knutson
Katie Knutson 11 days ago
Try Somalian rice with goat meat it comes with vegetables and salad with banana normally and sambusa, fufu and jollof rice with grilled goat so yummy.. you were eating goat but that place didn't cook it right cuz it should be tender. It's tuff if you dont cook it right🤣🤣.. if you picky you wont like tripe! I think people just dont know what to order especially if you picky!!
Mina Mina
Mina Mina 11 days ago
I would love y’all to try East African dishes like Somali and Ethiopian foods
Driana Çhrøm
Driana Çhrøm 11 days ago
I want you to try 🇯🇲 Jamaican food
Tatiana Atkins
Tatiana Atkins 11 days ago
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 11 days ago
Eat the egusi with white rice!!
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 11 days ago
I wish y’all could try my mom’s food. Her egusi is unbeatable. No spice, I feel like spice covers the tastiness of egusi. I like unspicy jollof rice too. I just don’t really like spicy food. I’m a super picky eater too and her food bustsss
Lolaaa O.
Lolaaa O. 11 days ago
Egusi is literally the bestttt😭with pounded yam. Since I chew it, that’s the best to eat egusi with. Jollof rice is my all time fav tho. Soo good
Sharon Rose
Sharon Rose 11 days ago
You’re not supposed to chew the fufu, you’re supposed to swallow it
Kay Stucture
Kay Stucture 12 days ago
He don’t like shit 😂😂
Kodi Okonta
Kodi Okonta 12 days ago
You guys should go to Nkechi African Cafe Next time !!!!!!!! The food is way better and worth trying
Chuck Okonta
Chuck Okonta 12 days ago
If you’ll live In California my mother owns a Nigerian Restaurant It has the best Nigerian/African food ever please pull up no cap
Katie Maggioli
Katie Maggioli 12 days ago
Lmao when he said the cassava leaf is “ na im not down with that lmao 😂and I’m about to try all that tomorrow let the lord be with me
Maggie Dumes
Maggie Dumes 12 days ago
Isabelle Jean- Francois
Queen: ✨ Wally World ✨😂
just c
just c 12 days ago
I’m sorry but their reaction was tooo funny, they tried. they really tried 🤣😂🤣😩
Lala Brown
Lala Brown 12 days ago
U suppose swallow it . You eat fufu the way u eat mashed potatoes just swallow.
Hoefrijz 12 days ago
Le titre ne m’étonne pas vu qu’ils ne savent pas faire la différence entre un continent et un pays et nommer quelques pays africains ... quelqu’un leur dit qu’il y 54 pays en Afrique et des milliers d’ethnies? Qu’Allah apaise mon cœur.
Ms. Sharpe
Ms. Sharpe 13 days ago
He from NY and never had lamb?!
selle cia
selle cia 13 days ago
Tatianna Kingdomm
Tatianna Kingdomm 13 days ago
I’m binge watching you guys😂❤️.. queen is so beautiful 🥰💘!
Tiffany Edwards
Tiffany Edwards 13 days ago
I tried Egusi soup for the first time today not to disrespect but it was not good it was a no for me
Kyle aPLAYBOI 13 days ago
0:10 when you look at yo bsf
Simply ThullyK
Simply ThullyK 13 days ago
I am African,South African to be exact and I can't stomach any Nigerian food. I've tried but I just can't 😩I also think it's the texture thing. It's only human to have different preferences. Kudos to you guys for trying
Addie Winfield
Addie Winfield 14 days ago
Poor Clarence trying his hardest not to be cancelled & Queen just wallin 🤣🤣🤣
May Menar
May Menar 14 days ago
Queens laugh is so contagious 😭
Arrieus Wilkerson
Arrieus Wilkerson 14 days ago
You should’ve tried Pounded yam 😩😩😍
Violets Vlogs
Violets Vlogs 14 days ago
I’ve never seen someone have cassava leaf a fufu where was the rice
Bella True
Bella True 14 days ago
Y’all wack.
Yamilette Yuruby
Yamilette Yuruby 14 days ago
Queen & Clarence were very respectful trying this food 🥘. The fact that they went back and tried to shallow the FuFu shows how respectful they were being. May God bless y’all 💛
Aby Cisse
Aby Cisse 14 days ago
I’m 100% African and I chew my fufu like it’s not that deep
letloveguard wells
letloveguard wells 14 days ago
The approach is very bad, if one is careful not to eat poison he or she can act this way. It is food, taste it normal it won't kill, if you don't like it fine.