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Mar 30, 2021




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Royal Family
Royal Family 23 days ago
We didn’t edit the video , lol so our editor put BRONXS lmao
Deshawn Myles
Deshawn Myles 7 days ago
gsiz and
Nai Naziah
Nai Naziah 8 days ago
LMAOOO I HAD TO REWIND🤣🤣 Like was that an “S” 🥴
Alexus Dynasty
Alexus Dynasty 12 days ago
Hey Queen I am planning to take NYC trip soon what Hotels out there do u guys recommend ???
Aiden Jackson
Aiden Jackson 14 days ago
That's how y'all pronounce it though 🤣🤦 so it's iight
Tina West
Tina West 16 days ago
keyndall Whitney
keyndall Whitney 16 hours ago
Yes i want the red hotel video it would be nice but do you guys have like a place where you met ?
Basetsana Serogole
I've been saying "Aww" this whole video😊😊🥰
Lailani Greaves
New York come hard know dat!!!!!
Mikayla Portis
Mikayla Portis 2 days ago
Okay because what hotel i wanna go there with my man
heather devoy
heather devoy 2 days ago
“You tryna get lit ? You tryna get me lit that’s what it is 😂” queen big smile 😂
Tema T
Tema T 3 days ago
I'm petty , they spelled bronx wrong and it's upsetting me and my homegirls moe. 🤣🤣🤣
Makayla Malone
Makayla Malone 3 days ago
It's Eunice
It's Eunice 3 days ago
Someday I and someone's son will make it❤ To everyone out there There is still hope🙏
Elise Jones Mayo
Elise Jones Mayo 3 days ago
Clarence and Queen's love story and family time is awesome. Keep loving one another.
Ndeye Ka
Ndeye Ka 4 days ago
What hotel is that?
NuUrbanJade 6 days ago
Sis woke up like 🌞🥰
Budget Babe
Budget Babe 6 days ago
“Monet” - Money over everything 💀
Smoke way Tv Uro
Smoke way Tv Uro 6 days ago
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson 6 days ago
When clarence told queen to try the pizza the face she made that was so cute🥰
Jennifer Hernandez
Jojo Otero
Jojo Otero 6 days ago
Bro stop referring to ur man as ur son show him some respect bro that is the most annoyin thing we all know dam well you can dress to save ur life that’s all C
Takeia Love
Takeia Love 7 days ago
I’m in love with everything y’all do so I want to say that y’all music be bussin and y’all funny together
Taneya Moore
Taneya Moore 7 days ago
Neriah Amponsah
Neriah Amponsah 7 days ago
What’s the name of the pizza shop??!! 😍😍
Denise Jones
Denise Jones 7 days ago
I just want to know where that pizza place is and what is the name 😩
Mary Tesfaye
Mary Tesfaye 8 days ago
does Clarence NEVER wear a mask?
Kaiidiorr 1
Kaiidiorr 1 8 days ago
7:04 i live over there omg 🥺!!!
Amaya T
Amaya T 8 days ago
I live in bronx ny, And I always wanted to Come to Alanta
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 8 days ago
9:50 y'all know where this hotel is?
Jade Lyons
Jade Lyons 8 days ago
They’re the perfect mesh omg, she’s so goofy and being out the family side of him. They’re in love period.
Natalie Diram
Natalie Diram 8 days ago
I love watching ya live life!!
Embraces Beauty
Embraces Beauty 9 days ago
That pizza place looks 🔥
Kay & Bae
Kay & Bae 9 days ago
A little bit of patron
Mark King Tv
Mark King Tv 9 days ago
Mark king tv here
Nikki Alford
Nikki Alford 10 days ago
Love u guys💖💖
It'sgabybaby 10 days ago
Where is hotel 2 at ?
Ray Tv
Ray Tv 10 days ago
Nigga really inna oval
Naa Tv
Naa Tv 11 days ago
What hotel is thissssa 😂
dalime feliz
dalime feliz 11 days ago
where the second hotel location @clarencenyc
Queen B
Queen B 11 days ago
I wish Queen would post more on her channel. She’s so funny to watch 😂
Micharleen J-Simon
Micharleen J-Simon 11 days ago
What is that last hotel called !? 😍😍
Lisa D
Lisa D 12 days ago
I’m dying ..... “I’m not suppose to be eating this but I’m going to figure out the healthiest thing there”... (as she scrolls all fried chicken) lol
DaMiana Rakira
DaMiana Rakira 12 days ago
“ money over everything “😂😂
DaMiana Rakira
DaMiana Rakira 12 days ago
he said “ you tryna get me lit “ 🤣
It is what It is
It is what It is 12 days ago
I need to go new york !!!
DaMiana Rakira
DaMiana Rakira 12 days ago
love this.
It is what It is
It is what It is 12 days ago
I want this relationship for my daughter 🙏🏽👑
y money
y money 12 days ago
Them kids was turn up
y money
y money 12 days ago
I want to see it
AB 12 days ago
Soundview Pistol Pete Hood.
Oné Steph
Oné Steph 12 days ago
i gotta feeling y’all gone move back there soon
Erichelle Mea
Erichelle Mea 12 days ago
okay but what hotel is that ?
Niya Latrice
Niya Latrice 12 days ago
14:25 I ain’t know Clarence had them vocals like that😭😭😭
Yhney Younger
Yhney Younger 12 days ago
Clare looi better than queen yall is rude lol ctfu
tetee1125 13 days ago
“We might even go back to the hood today” 😩🤣🤣
Harmony Hazel
Harmony Hazel 13 days ago
🤗 Matthew5:6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.🙌🏽
Maiyah M
Maiyah M 13 days ago
They are perfect together
King B
King B 13 days ago
Name of 2nd hotel 😍
Teshanna Leacock
Teshanna Leacock 13 days ago
We don't have to get a bbl the look beautiful for our men periodt your kids are gonna hate you when they get older promise you that, fake ass
Dreammm Daoriginal
Dreammm Daoriginal 13 days ago
do another meet and greet for 4th of july @queen nd clearance
Ashley Henderson
Ashley Henderson 13 days ago
Do It‼️‼️‼️‼️
ErikaDanai 13 days ago
Queen trying to get Clarence drunk is me asf😂
Stephanie Solomon
Stephanie Solomon 13 days ago
I gotta visit New York
melbajay 13 days ago
Ayo Clarence you're getting roasted nuts. What happen to the pause. Really bro lol
Stephanie Solomon
Stephanie Solomon 13 days ago
Ayyye get activated That’s Detroit talk ayyye 😂😂
Ahmad Roberts
Ahmad Roberts 13 days ago
I remember when they first went live!!!! That’s was an era 😩😩😩
owen_ crash2018
owen_ crash2018 13 days ago
What happened to twin Towers
Amayah Sullins
Amayah Sullins 14 days ago
awww i loved this
Broderick Dove
Broderick Dove 14 days ago
I miss the original Chris and Queen ...I’m sorry y’all🥺
Yamilette Yuruby
Yamilette Yuruby 14 days ago
I love ❤️ y’all New York trip. Looks beautiful & I’m glad yall enjoyed some alone time. Side note: I really enjoy seeing beast (the bodyguard) he just looks like he has good vibes all the time. 💕 God bless
Kelsey Campbell
Kelsey Campbell 14 days ago
hey yall $$
Aiden Jackson
Aiden Jackson 14 days ago
Anxiety thee queen in the streets of nyc and no one knows seen her and went crazy,!!!!! 😋🤩😍
Careezy 14 days ago
Ava’s Lifestyle
Ava’s Lifestyle 14 days ago
What the name of the 2nd hotel?
Nya Lí
Nya Lí 14 days ago
How can you not love New york it’s the best place to be‼️🗽
Douglas Asante
Douglas Asante 14 days ago
Jesus died on the cross and resurrected three days later so that we can be made right with God or reconciled back to God, because our sins separated us from God. The wrath and punishment that was supposed to be on us for our sins, was on God(Jesus) in human flesh. Death(Hell) is the punishment of our sins because God is just but we can receive eternal life(Heaven) through Jesus Christ alone. Repent and trust alone in Jesus Christ for he is coming soon to take his people who are saved. Jesus will give you peace and joy if you trust in him. Don’t ignore this message cause this might be ur chance to get right with God and you can die today and u might be heading to Hell, but I want you to go to heaven. If u got any questions lmk
Jessica Montoya
Jessica Montoya 14 days ago
Anybody know what hotel this is ?? It looks nice.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 15 days ago
Why his teeth look like that
Lisa Flagg
Lisa Flagg 15 days ago
I wish we could have seen Clarence family
Hair TREATZ 15 days ago
Love how you can just see the romance is still ALIVE! 😍😍😍
Rahmeyah Johnson
Rahmeyah Johnson 15 days ago
“ we bout to get activated” 🤣🤣🤣
K G 15 days ago
What pizza spot is this ?!
K G 15 days ago
I wonder if Clarence actually feels chemistry with Queen.. She hit him up like Latoya hit up Adam for “business”.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarence seen queen as a business partner rather than a lover over time 👀. Never seemed like Clarence was romantically interested from jump. But a bag is a bag right 🤷🏽‍♀️
K G 14 days ago
@Ms Gray cult fans 😂. Majority of them are young as hell. I do hope the best for them certain things just seem off.
Ms Gray
Ms Gray 14 days ago
You’re smart and right. But her cult member fans will never admit it.
Juss E
Juss E 15 days ago
Which hotel is that? It’s so nice
Bossyizzy5 Bbg
Bossyizzy5 Bbg 15 days ago
No hate but I thought they been said they was done with “US-first”
Bossyizzy5 Bbg
Bossyizzy5 Bbg 15 days ago
@Lisha Marie queen Naija and Clare
Lisha Marie
Lisha Marie 15 days ago
Who ?
Nikeya Washington
Nikeya Washington 15 days ago
Y’all so cute. Truly living the dream ❤️
Anita M
Anita M 15 days ago
Them dudes was lit loll
Kusaundra Colbert
Kusaundra Colbert 15 days ago
I love u guys I feel like your next trip should be Disney World with the kids
Ms Gray
Ms Gray 14 days ago
She said that already. Clarence said he didn’t want to go so queen changed her mind about it. But she paid and booked them a trip Turks and Caicos so maybe we’ll get that vlog one day.
Belle_Banks 20271189
Ms Gray
Ms Gray 14 days ago
Are you dumb? Google her birthday Bella No Banks
Ashley Spencer
Ashley Spencer 15 days ago
Queen looks so pretty in the thumbnail ❤️
Geziell Nash
Geziell Nash 15 days ago
Seeing other people appreciate NYC is so weird when you’ve lived here all your life 😂
Ben William
Ben William 16 days ago
The eatable sardine logically cheer because kettle conceptually wrap failing a moaning oatmeal. rainy, historical suit
Nicole GlamLife
Nicole GlamLife 16 days ago
New York got the sexiest accent evaaa😩😩😩
Taryn Hankerson
Taryn Hankerson 16 days ago
This made me miss nyc so much
Charnet Eugene
Charnet Eugene 16 days ago
That pizza looks good
HoneyOats LuvDunaCakes
Aww I love y’all... stay safe wherever y’all may be and god bless 🥰😍🙌🏾
Iseeepop 16 days ago
It’s the authenticity of y’all relationship for me🥺
SimplyShan Brown
SimplyShan Brown 11 days ago
@Ms Gray 😄😄😄
Ms Gray
Ms Gray 14 days ago
Whew Chile if only you knew his true intentions..
LaLaUrFav 16 days ago
At 13:34 all I could think about is her song “ 4 AM you know just how I want it “ 🤎🤩😍
Xena Martinez
Xena Martinez 16 days ago
LMFAOO “what does Moët stand for” took me out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Quinta Grissett
Quinta Grissett 16 days ago
I get it🥰🥰🥰
Tanya McKiver
Tanya McKiver 16 days ago
Love it 💕💕💕
How Sway?
How Sway? 16 days ago
Clarence body lookin skinnier okayy✅
The Hoson Family
The Hoson Family 17 days ago
Queen and Clarence are the cutest combination of a relationship❤️
Gestina Russell
Gestina Russell 17 days ago
Love you guys 😊😂
We Escaped Security!